Whoa, it has been a long while since I posted. Just distracted with summer happenings, I suppose. I’m up a couple of insignificant pounds, mostly because I’ve been on and off plan and not drinking as much water as I should – although there is new research out that should calm people the F down. I have to agree with this – I used to chug so much water years ago because I thought I just HAD to if I wanted to be healthy – to the point of feeling almost nauseated by filling my stomach like a balloon all day. Just drink when you’re thirsty, when you start thinking of drinking something that probably means you’re thirsty.

I’m still running regularly, which I’m sure has helped me from ballooning back up from my lack of food discipline. It is getting harder with the heat, however, so I haven’t progressed very far – I have improved my per mile pace a little bit.
Seems like every weekend, there has been something revolving around food, and it has been tough to be restrictive. I’m back on protein only today, and going for 3 days of ‘attack’, then going to veggies/alternating again.

Little man has been having swimming lessons 4 eves a week, so the work week has been hectic – get home, get some dinner going, and be ready to walk to the pool by 6:20. It’s nice if I can get dinner cleaned up by that time, but it does not always happen…so then we get back and there’s the kitchen mess to clean up, get the kid to bed, and then feel too tired to do much of anything else.

Last week I had some sort of crazy weird virus. I’m too lazy to detail it here. I’m better, I think.

My birthday is coming up. I got 2 early presents – an iPhone 4. Neato. An ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid. This I actually wanted, so that’s pretty cool. I’ll report back when I get to my first batch – it was supposed to be this weekend, but then my brother and his girlfriend came up for the weekend, and that wasn’t done. I’m looking forward to making ice cream sans corn syrup and other assorted chemical crap.

So, I hate this blog. I didn’t intend for it to become a weight-loss diary, but it was the easiest thing to chit-chat about, and sometimes I can be really, really lazy when it comes to writing. I need spurts of creativity.

I have many ideas for blogs, and yet none. None that I feel like would stay fun and interesting and on point. I was playing with the idea of a food ingredient blog where I basically play the corn syrup detective and bitch about products – or give them kudos. My goal is to get all corn syrup out of my home. I probably spend 3x as long in the grocery store than i need to because I read nearly every label.  The Syurp Agent.  What do you think?


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