Vacation started out easy, but, as vacations go, it became difficult to stay on point. When you are going out to eat a lot and not near your own kitchen, everything  gets more complicated, less convenient, and every food around becomes more tempting. So, by last Sunday, I had pretty much given up trying to stay on plan. 

While this went on, however, I did manage to get in a 3 mile run, as well as daily walks with lots of hills. When we got back last week, I some trouble getting back to protein only, and have had a number of bad days. But, I’m mostly back on track now. My weight was up a couple of pounds, but I’m also in that time of cycle, so, not overly concerned, and will weigh again next week. Probably, I’ve stayed about the same overall.

As I get over this blip on the radar, July will be all about getting past this number…




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