Did I say it ends well?

I meant really well. OK, so since May 4 (today is June 6), I have lost a total of 14.0 lbs. Almost 7lbs in the past 3 weeks alone.  That’s like a man’s rate of loss. Never, ever, have I experienced this consistency of loss. I am a convert. Whoa.

I am about 2lbs lighter today than I was at this time last year, and I’m going for about another 15-20, depending on how I am feeling, how I am doing with the running, and what I am fitting into. I suspect things should slow down soon, but according to the plan, this cruise phase should consistently yield a 2lb weekly loss until I reach whatever I determine my goal weight to be. I have a range in mind, but again, I will follow some type of recommendation to settle on the final number.

I’m at work so I can’t type much more…just wanted to check in like I said I would…



Holy energy Batman!

He might be the oddest superhero ever. Rimshot! 
I had a fantastic run this morning – 40 minutes and I stopped – not because it was getting hard, but because I didn’t want to risk injury. I even ran a bit faster than my usual pace, and I’m estimating I covered about 3.6 miles. I just ran and ran and ran, fueled by coffee, and, I suspect, all the extra carbohydrates in my body from yesterday’s birthday party. Back on protein today, and I will weigh on my normal weigh-day tomorrow and report.

I did have the ice cream cake, and some wine, a few cookies, manicotti and meatballs, smoked ham and potato salad, grapes, cheeses, veggies and humus, pita chips, and it was all delicious. Actually, reverse the order of the food for a truer story. The party was a great success – we had lovely mild weather, we all hung out on the lawn and gazebo, the kids had a blast, and everyone seemed happy. We even received some very sweet and unexpected housewarming gifts including wine, a beautiful candle and holder, and a huge gorgeous hanging basket of flowers, pictured below.

I also finally met my friend I never met! She and her husband and freakin adorable kids joined us – I was so excited, and it seemed like I’ve known her forever…we should get together again (when I don’t have to play distracted party hostess) so we can dish together…’cause I can tell we will get along fabulously. And we both work in higher ed. And she wore the cutest dress ever. We missed our mutual friend very much, but, she had plans for another event involving yet another friend who is getting married next month, so, it’s all good in the hood. And we also missed our other mutual friend, who had plans as well. And wait, we all work in higher ed. Ha! Is that weird?

Love to all my girls – I’ve learned over the years that one of the  best things about old friends is that near or far, when you do connect, it’s like no time has passed at all. This is making me think of a couple more  friends I need to connect with, who I miss terribly….I think I may have a new summer goal…

May ends well

Today was a no-run and veggie-protein day. Except for returning to work after a long and productive weekend, it has been a good day. Yesterday I ran 30 minute straight again – this time it was later in the day, and it was a lot hotter, and a lot harder, than Saturday, but I pushed. I felt a little funny after I stopped, but whatever it was, it passed soon after I got inside and drank a big glass of water. I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself for this past week, so I will try to get on that one of these next few mornings and report.

I’m watching my declawed cat ‘claw’ at the couch. That is very, very rewarding. Claw away, little bitch. Next, I’ll have your fangs removed…ah, if only I could find an evil vet dentist. We have actually been getting along lately. She associates me with wet food. And I don’t let her forget it.

So this coming weekend will mark a month since I started this whole Dukan business. Minus a couple of minor slip-ups, I have to say that it has become, as the book describes, a rather easy routine. Some things I cannot live without: Chobani plain non-fat yogurt. Skim milk. Oat bran. Salmon (pan seared with balsamic glaze is my favorite prep). Surimi products. Powdered milk (non-fat…I add it to my coffee, to just about anything for extra protein and calcium). Hard-boiled eggs. Stevia.

So, this weekend is also the big birthday party we have planned for our little man. There will be good home made food. I will take the day ‘off’ and enjoy this and that. I may not have ice cream cake…we’ll see.

Breaking through

This morning I ran 30 minutes straight – I didn’t go back and clock the mileage, but, based on my avg. speed (slow) and my past experience, I’d say I covered somewhere between 2.5 at the worst and 2.8 miles at best. I should see about using one of those little GPS apps on my phone – but, seeing myself as a blue dot on a map as I run might be weird. Weird enough to distract me and then I run into a pole.

This is big – I haven’t run like this in a long time – at least a year, maybe more. Plus, the last time I ran outside (which was only 3 runs ago), I hit the wall at 22 minutes. This morning, I knew I had to go for 22 or more. As I hit 23, I figured I could push to 24, and then I zoned out for a bit, and it was now 25:27. So then I said, ok, let’s do 26. Now, once I hit 26, my ocd sets in and 26 MUST be rounded to 30, or I would be forever a loser. The last couple minutes really burned, but I lived to tell about it.

I should disclose that my workouts don’t just end when I stop running – I usually will keep walking until I hit some sort of official-feeling number, like 35 or 40 minutes.  My goal is to increase the ratio of running to walking by a teeny bit each time, until I can comfortably run 30-40 minutes. Then, once I’m in that range for a couple of weeks, I work on speed, then go back to increasing distance, blah blah. I’ve done it all before, but this time I’m not pushing quite as hard. I don’t want to burn out, like I did in 2009. I also only run every other day, per my running boss, and I usually get a short walk in between days. Anyway, this no-pressure schedule is wonderful and keeping me motivated.

That brings me to the food – protein day, and it flew by, barely noticed. I ran several errands with Sam, including picking out a movie at the library, returning an item, finding him a cotton blanket, and stopping to treat him to ice cream – because he was an absolute angel during our errands.Positive reinforcement.  I also picked up 2 gigantic purple lobelia hanging baskets, and followed my husband around the house while he pressure washed this and that. Oh – quick aside: pressure washing is the SHIZ!! I would like to pressure wash the world.

By dinner time I realized that not only did I barely think about food since breakfast, I probably didn’t even get enough protein in. I did fantasize about Sam’s Chocolate Teddy Grahams for about 30 seconds though. I didn’t eat any, and lived once more to tell about it.



An award?

Wow, I’m all crazy with 2 posts today. My friend Allison at Lipgloss Lounge gave  me an award! Why, I’m just flattered!

This is so nice, especially because I’ve been feeling anything  but stylish lately. So she says I will certainly offer some stylish tips. As I am feeling a little lacking in this area these days, I will offer a quick and easy (but often overlooked) one for now:  carry tweezers everywhere you go, ladies. You will no longer be distracted all day long by that sharp little sucker you feel taking over your chinny chin. Also, your car is the best place to pluck. I don’t know why, but something about the daylight and that mirror makes everything visible. Happy plucking!

So, I am supposed to pass this award on…I don’t follow as many blogs as I’d like, and I think most of my friends are just so fab on their own, blog or no blog.  That said, I don’t want to drop the ball here. I’m going to award this to the blog Doctor Mama. Because I don’t know her personally, I can’t vouch for her style, but I really, really like what she has to say about running. She’s no-nonsense and to the point about it, and I love it. I’m happy to call myself a maggot.

Square one

Still going here – square one does not mean that I’ve stopped or messed up beyond repair. On the contrary, I’m still going pretty strong since Monday. Yesterday’s run was tough – I ran 25 minutes, although I really, really wanted to quit at 18, then 20, then 22. It was so hot and disgusting, and my hair kept slipping out of its ponytail and sticking to my neck and I was freaking out for most of my run. Even with Pitbull pounding in my ears. Uno, dos, tres, quatro.

Square one means I’m back to about where I was this time last year. So, while this is a great thing, and I’ve been able to quickly shed the mysterious and evil 10lbs or so I packed on this past year, it’s also a reminder that I didn’t like this particular point either and I need to push well past it – that will be the real deal for me.

I also hit square one in terms of clothes. I desperately need new summer clothes, but trying to find time to travel and do some real shopping, unencumbered by child and hubby, before mid-June, will be a challenge.  Plus, how much do I really want to invest when it’s likely they’ll be too big by the end of the season? At least after Monday, I’ll be working a reduced week, so there is less pressure to come up with daily work outfits that are cute, flattering, fit properly and don’t look like I’m ready to be super-soccer-mom-about-to-hop-out-of-minivan-and-garden. I hate most of my spring and summer clothes. Did I tell you that already?

I also would like a pedicure.  I’ve only had 2 professional pedis in my entire life (both the past year even) and all I can say is, “where have these been all my life?”

I want these super cute shoes to show off the pedicure. Moda Spana:

Just what I needed

Exactly what I needed to stay totally motivated – I managed to drop another 2lbs this week, even with the non-perfection. This has been the most successful and consistent weight loss I have ever experienced. That’s a total of 9.2 lbs since May 4th. I’m even a little shocked. This summer, I will shut.it.down. Woot!