This weekend I was browsing through our local free shopper paper and decided this morning might be a good day to check out some local yard sales with little man. I let him take out few dollars from his piggy bank and put them in his shorts pocket, so he would feel like part of the whole adventure.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I wasn’t expecting much (as this area is not particularly affluent), and I find that most of the time, people put out a lot of nasty, broken, and worthless stuff that belongs in the trash. Like half-used Avon lotion from the 80s. Not even kidding, I’ve seen it. Not only that, but one of the most annoying things about the yard sale world is people who do not put any effort into merchandising their junk. I refuse to sort through moldy boxes of dirty, dusty, and unsorted crap. So, I really appreciate when people organize it, clean it up a bit, and lay it out on display. Those are my kind of yard sales. I’m even less likely to haggle. Even if I don’t buy a thing, it really makes me happy. That’s also the kind of yard sale I like to host…and guess what? It makes a difference. I’ve had three yard sales over the years. We carefully cleaned and laid things out, and made it as nice as possible with the space available. The least lucrative of the three yielded just under $400. In one day. So take note.

The first sale today was of the former variety – most of it was junk-tastic and unsorted and gross. Little man found an unopened package of Disney Cars pens, and an unopened little T-Rex skeleton toy (and yes, I guided him toward the unopened stuff). The little girl asked him for 50 cents for each, and he happily gave her the dollar.  I found, like little diamonds in the rough, 2 traditional wine carafes: a litre and a more obscure half-litre size. I love these kinds of carafes because they remind me of Italy and France (as these are what you pour the wine in directly from the barrel and bring to the table), and they are great for a small container of sangria, or other beverage, and will even make a quick, gorgeous vase that looks much more elegant than the flower shop cheapies.  Here they are, pictured below, along with another ocean-blue bottle I found at the last yard sale of the morning. I like interesting old bottles, but I don’t want to really collect too many of them. Then that’s dumb. I’m very choosy about which I buy. I once went to the bottle museum in Ballston Spa, NY. True story. It was quite by accident, but I actually had fun. And the guide had a wandering glass eye that was totally mesmerizing.

The first sale also yielded 2 sleds – a toboggan type, and one of those flexible mat ones. I was hesitant at first to buy snow stuff, but, they were so incredibly cheap, and our kid is only going to want to play in the snow more as he gets bigger…anyway, the 2 carafes and the 2 sleds totaled $6. Find!

The next one was very organized and clean. Very nice. There, little man found a little stuffed spider (Beanie Baby Ty, not that I care about the collection, but at least I knew it was a better quality toy), and I found a pretty and simple Mikasa rose bowl/votive holder, brand new, in its original box! Those 2 items totaled $7, and they had a box of free children’s books and placemats and maps near the door, so Sam made out again with a laminated map of the U.S. For free! Here’s the Mikasa piece:


The final sale was also organized, although it was mostly antiques and china and glassware. Nevertheless, the ocean blue bottle was a whopping 25 cents. A good find!

So on the way home, we talked about all of our Finds and what fun it was. We will definitely go on a few more Finds finding adventures in the coming months.


One response to “Finds!

  • Beth

    Woah. You’ve been to the Bottle Museum??? I live pretty much in B. Spa, and I’ve never had the desire….
    Nice finds at the yard sales!

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