Where did it go?

My last 2 runs have been less than great. On Tuesday, it was very warm out, and I ran exactly 21 minutes before I stopped for fear of really collapsing and/or vomiting. It was very annoying. I walked to 40 minutes.

Today was even hotter, so I opted to get it over with during my lunch hour. Just the 5 minute walk up to the fitness center was exhausting (and very, very sweaty). It is almost entirely uphill though. But still. I ran 28 minutes on the treadmill, at a 1% incline, which I would have been thrilled with 2 weeks ago, but now I have a new minimum (30) which makes the ocd of it all almost unbearable. But I had to stop. Even the appearance of a fellow runner on the treadmill next to me did not give me the 2 minute showing-off boost I needed. My legs felt like lead. I walked to 35 minutes, then did a 1 minute sprint, then hit 40 minutes and called it a day.

I had to shower before heading back because I was dripping – they don’t AC the fitness center, cause really, there aren’t many students on campus, and there’s really only about a dozen staff that use it at least semi-regularly. I can name us all. Pitiful.

Even though it’s a newish facility, it’s one of those ancient one-big-room-group-shower situations, but at least today I was the only one (I hope…haha). I would say about half the time there is one other person showering.]. It doesn’t really bother me, as most people don’t make a spectacle of it – except for the occasional freak that decides it’s appropriate to shave her lady parts in this setting. Thoroughly. I mean seriously, girlfriend?

So my energy slump is major today – it’s just wildly different from how I felt this past weekend. Where did it go? I think I need to switch things up so that my running days coincide with the veggie/protein days – I think that would help. I may also need to eat a bit more, but this will be an effort, as I’m not really craving much of anything most of the time (I  can’t even believe I wrote that). Maybe, tonight, I will be WILD and have some whole grains.

I won’t weigh again till Monday of course, but I’m sure I will lose again. I was looking at myself in the full length mirror last night, and my body is really changing. I’ve dropped a full size, and that is even starting to feel a little loose. Some clothes are still a ways away, but, by Fall, I will enjoy them again. That’s one of the best things about losing weight – you get a whole ‘new’ wardrobe without having to shop much. But I’ll do some of that too.



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